Donna Nook seals pups 2013

This weekend I will be heading to Donna Nook Seal Colony in the United Kingdom to capture some wonderful wildlife photos.

During November and December the Lincoln Wildlife Trust fence off a path which runs along the beach, this creates a small viewing area. As this is a wild seal colony the trust has to insure the safety plus protection of the seals pups while allowing the public to park up and stroll along the sand pathway.

As you can imagine there is plenty of photographers who visit and there is a few rules you should observe. 1, Do not touch to the seal pups. 2, Do not feed the seals. 3, Do not climb over the fence. 4, If you bring your children with you, stay with them at all times. 6, Remember the seals are wild and could attack. 5, Take your rubbish home.

For me, rule 1 is very important as the cows (female seals) will abandon their pup if they detect any other scent.

Also, as a previous visitor this is a very popular with the public so an early start is advisable.

You can keep up to date with the seal colony and pups information over on the Lincolnshire Trusts website and you can also view my photographs from 2012 over on my website.

This is also where I'll be posting the 2013 collections during the course of December.

Lincolnshire Trust

If you have any questions or would like further information please email or call me.