Children's party photography

The other week I took photographs at a child bowling party. This follows on from teenage party the week before.

As with all of my photography, you want the clients and their children to have fun, so don't set out with too many planned ideas because you find children generally go with the flow and if you start to order them about coupled with posing, within minutes you will loose the child attention. A few things you should say to the children before starting is, 1 - have fun, 2 - no model poses, 3 - as many silly faces as possible. Once they have settled into having fun and pulling silly faces they soon forget your there to capture photos. If the parents request some formal poses you would start with them and then back to the fun candid photographs.

You can use a candid style because the children can continue having fun and as you're there for hour, the last thing the children want, is the photographer getting the way of the party and their fun. You can catch some great expressions without interfering, secondly the candid style allows the photographer to become apart of the party and this adds another dimension to the event. One other thing you could do, allow the children to take hold of you're camera and get them to take some photos, they will love it..

You can produce between 20-30 signature photos along with 20-30 party extras, then upload the digitals files to Dropbox and share them.

Lastly, as most party are inside, flash will be essential and if your posing an off camera flash system will help you create some beautiful photos.

The equipment used for the parties is a Canon 60d, 24-105mm, 580ex Canon flash, small Lastelite flash soft box and flash stand.

If you have any questions regarding children's party photography or would you like to me to capture moments from your child birthday party which you can treasure for ever, drop me an email or call me.

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