About me

Hi, I'm Neil a Berkshire wedding photographer who would love to capture your big day. From the preparation photographs to the first dance, I will cover your entire day providing candid, detail and group images. I pride myself by being at your service and on hand to answer any questions and give advice if required.

I love travelling, so distance is not a problem when it comes to your wedding day. A great testimony from Darren and Mandy , who set out what a fun and professional service you can expect from myself.

 "Just want to say a massive thank you to Neil Graham, who went above and beyond all expectations to give us some amazing memories to keep forever ! We would highly recommend him for any professional photos". Thanks again Neil.

Darren & Mandy

If you're interested and I know you are, feel free to call or email, plus you can connect me via Facebook and Twitter.

Tel : 07584 900938

Email : neil.graham0071@gmail.com


Understanding the value of your work

In the last few months I've had people asking for permission to use my photographs. They seem to want the photos for free and then to use them to advertise or sell something. In one case, when I asked for free tickets in return for use of my photo's (instead of cash) , strangely they managed to find other photo's to use.

The latest one is asking to apply a photo on some products. After giving them the option to pay a sum of money for a limited licence or perhaps to work on a commission basis, they said "we are a small company and usually people on Flickr are happy to grant permission because they are thrilled about being asked". Is it me or are people allowing companies to make money off the back of your hard work and expensive equipment while expecting to offer you nothing.

How far would I get with Tesco or with any other company asking for free goods plus the permission to resell it for profit?. Answer, nowhere..

After speaking to Michael at RammellPhotography.com (@Rammellphoto on twitter), he suggested that I should ask them for use of their car at weekend's as a taxi. I wonder what the answer would be??..

I'm not asking for much in a world full of free photo content, but stop selling yourself short and ask for a fare price. Your not going to lose out , because they were going to give you nothing anyway.

Happy Shooting...