Amateur vs Professional

Amateur vs Professional

Have a read of this Daily Mail article regarding hiring a amateur wedding photographer, and the reasons why you should hire a professional.

Would you take the chance with a family member who has a camera or an amateur on your big day?.


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Photo by Neil Graham  

Photo by Neil Graham  

Hawk Conservancy Trust

My family and I planned our first visit to the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England. The trust have several large birds of prey, plus flying displays, so I packed my camera bag and set off. 

After arriving at the wonderful facilities we set out for our first flying display. The sun was in and out of the clouds, plus the 100-400mm goes from F4.5 at 100mm to F5.6 at 400mm, so I set the camera to Shutter Priority at 1/1000th to freeze the action. The 100-400mm lens on my Canon 60d was the best combination for the great distance between me and the birds. The 70-200mm would of been better for the portrait shots but this was out on loan. The draw back of this lens was the slow focusing speed for the fast Hawks and sharpness at 400mm. Below are actions shots from the Golden Eagle, Fish Eagles and Kites.   


After the hectic flying display it was time for a few portrait shots of the huge birds of prey , so with no 70-200mm with me, I continued using my 100-400mm. The magnificent Bald Eagle stood around 75cm tall and the giant bird of prey was in stunning condition as he donned his modelling hat on.


The Snowy Owl 


Tawny Owl

You can view more photographs from the day by clicking on the Tawny Owl photo.

As a parent I urge you to go with your family and as a photographer its a must visit. 

Next time I'll take the 70-200mm for the portrait shots.

Happy Shooting..

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