Inspired? Show Me - MBP 400th Birthday show

Saturday 14th December 22.30 WET, I took part in Martin Bailey's google plus Hangout. It was Martin's MBP 400th Birthday show and followers were invited to take part. The idea behind the live broadcast was to see if Martin has inspired you and perhaps changed your approach to photography? We all sent a photograph to Martin and while he was displaying the pictures we talked our way through them.

Along with myself , Darlene Hildebrandt, Valerie Jardin, Michael Rammell, Mike Whitten, Paul GriffithsEric Vogt, Andrzej Wiśniewski and Thysje Arthur all participated. My photograph was of a Bald Eagle below which I took at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in the UK. The Trust houses and rehabilitates birds of prey from around the World. If your click on the photo you can view the rest of my Hawk photo collection.


The Eagle was standing in his wooden hut, tethered to the ground and around 2 metres away. I had my Canon 60D with my Canon EF 100–400mm f/4.5–5.6L IS USM , in bright midday sun I had over exposed the background and bird to bring out the detail in the shadows without producing noise. The photograph has been cropped a little and it's only had the normal adjustments in Lightroom 4.

Martin has inspired me by shooting to the right of the histogram, which he explains on his podcast #381 shooting to the right over on itunes. Coupled with a low monitor brightness this has changed the quality of my raw files and the prints. I was honoured to be invited and play a part in this #400 MBP 400th Birthday Show. Can I say a huge thank you to Martin for all of the content he provided via his podcast and I hope to repay him one day by attending a workshop.

All of the photographs featured can be viewed over on and if you click on iTunes or YouTube you can download and listen to the broadcast.

Again, thank you Martin..

If you have any questions or would like me to take part in your podcast/vidcast please contact me :

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