A great question from a young photography

Another great question come in from a young up coming photography via my website at www.neilgrahamphotography.com

Below is the question.

As a young photographer just starting out how did you find out what you like to photograph?


As you can imagine it's not going to be a short answer so I've written a brief history about my photography life and what inspired me into wildlife, sports and aviation photography.

I have been taking photos from the film days, using 35mm and 110mm. My introduction into photography was through my mum as she loved to record our family holidays.

When my mum became bored with the camera I would take over. This lead to me taking more and more holiday photos, I was hooked.

I think another reason for my photography interest, is that I have a terrible memory, coupled with dyslexia which made my photography a great visual artefact. In the film days every click cost money which made you conserve your film, so I only took family, landscapes, wildlife and pictures of vehicles.

I had a keen interested in wildlife and all kinds of transport from a young age, so it has become a staple diet for my photography. With this in mind I practice and continue practicing ,with the event of digital, overnight the cost came down so you take as many photos as you want. One quote I use now is, 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take' so get out there and enjoy photography.

In recent years I have been able to travel to motor racing events and to visit zoos, that makes you add to your skills plus it gives you a fresh and interesting subject.

Along with my sports, wildlife and aviation photography, I also enjoy street photography. Some people find this form of photography creepy, but taking photographs of interesting people with wonderful gestures, fascinates me and sometimes you can produce a great image. Take a look at a wonderful New York photography called Jay Maisel http://www.jaymaisel.com

You can also view some my street photography over on my website.


As for your photography, follow what interests you and practise that. Like everything else in life, if your not interested in what you do, it becomes a chore. Do not get tied down in buying equipment, yes it can produce a better quality photo but it will not help you with learning your skill. I use my camera phone a lot and that produces some great images. Remember it's not the camera that makes the photo, it is you.

I hope this goes some way to answer your question and if you want help or advice in the future I'm only an email away.

Look forward to hearing you

Neil Graham

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