Stephen Cotterell has a chat with me over coffee

 Last Tuesday I had a chat over coffee with Stephen Cotterell for his Photography 121 Podcast Also, Michael Rammell Photography join me for the trip to London. After, Stephen gave us a parking ticket, we had a hug and a shake of hands, which put me completely at ease.  It's refreshing to meet a follow photographer with a passion for talking from the heart about photography.

Coffee made and we were off, no rules, no prepared questions and the recorder set.. For someone who has not been questioned about his photography before I found it a little troubling..

Stephen's skill at asking questions put me at ease and the hour went rather quick.. After listening back to the podcast I sometimes forgot what the question was and perhaps not answering with a straight answer, but that's me all over.

Three things I will take away from the chat is that, I need to

push my blogging more (Perhaps a Book). Never lose sight of a photo over the technical quality and lastly add an invoice to my work flow..

Can I say thanks to Stephen Cotterell once again and if you have time please leave a review on iTunes after listening to the podcast..

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