Neil Graham being featured on the DPE Podcast

The photo below was reviewed and mentioned on the DPE Podcast 0.02.2013 iTunes. I was over the moon...

Rick Sammon and Juan Pons have given me positive feedback, Juan commented on the "quality of light and direction " plus Rick quoted that "it looks like he has darkened the edges like the renaissance painters to draw more attention to the image".

Now, the DPE podcast is great and being featured on it was a bonus. I have great respect for Rick and Juan photography and when two people of this caliber are picking out my photo from hundreds perhaps thousands posted, I was taken by surprised and humbled.

It has shown me as an amateur photographer that I am moving in the right direction and the quality of my work is being noticed around the world. Again, thanks to them both and I look forward to many more DPE Podcasts.

Your can find Rick & Juan on Twitter and Google+, Twitter @ricksammon & G+ +Rick Sammon , Twitter @Jpons & G+ +Juan Pons . Im also on Twitter as @neilgrahanphoto and on Google+ as +gneil45

Blog coming soon : Using the wrong shutter speed!!!