White Wall canvas review

The time had come for a big canvas. In choosing the photo for the canvas I required a landscape aspect for a bare wall in the house..

As it happened, one of my recent projects was traveling to the Donna Nook seal colony in England to photograph the 2012 pups. I had many photos to choose from. I narrowed it down to 5 photographs and the photos below show it was a hard choice.

I settled for testing The White Wall service, which seems to give a much better finish and perhaps provide a longer lasting piece of art work than others could supply so uploaded a Tiff file and went for 123cm x 78cm canvas..

When it arrived the overall packaging was excellent, thick cardboard with wooden slates protecting the sides. As this was printed on fabric when I took it out of packaging I was disappointed. In the bright light the canvas allowed light through it, which made the colours wash out and my the photo look awful. When I got it home I drilled some holes and hung it on the wall, within seconds, blocking out the light from behind the canvas, it then came to life.. The blues, greens and the creams gave depth to the whole photo..

The reason for choosing this photo were the pups eyes. It doesn't matter what angle you look at this photo, the seal pup is always looking at you..

In summary, I like the fabric which it was printed on, the colours are rich and when night draws in the canvas changes with the amount of detail you can see giving the picture a different look.. The only draw back was as the fabric shrunk and it twisted the frame a little.

I would buy again from White Wall, plus I will require more wall space...

Get something printed, because with all of the digital media to view your work there is nothing like holding a big canvas of your own photography.

Happy shooting...

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